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Semáforos não funcionam corretamente

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1 Semáforos não funcionam corretamente on Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:10 am


Em vários Mods os semáforos não param quietos, estão constantemente vermelho, laranja, verde.... faz essa mudança segundo a segundo....

os carros ficam todos parados... muitas filas...

tenho de re-instalar?

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2 Re: Semáforos não funcionam corretamente on Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:26 pm


3rd Class Firefighter
3rd Class Firefighter
Já não é a primeira vez que me deparo com esse problema... Fica aqui a resolução, mas está em Inglês:

* Open the Editor:
* Load the modification you wish to tamper with (if the original game is what you wish to alter, simply create a new mod)> On the top menu bar you will see Modifications all mods are listed there, select the one you want to work with..
* Load the map you wish to edit (most likely it'll be freeplay.e4m)> On the top menu bar you will see map menu, you want to pick open map.
* You will find in the menu it opens to find the map it'll have a directory listing it should read this when the map is selected:

* Now that the map is open simply start roaming the map, preferably in a systematic way IE bottom left corner and work your way right or up till you've gotten all that connect on that screen, move over one screen and repeat going down etc....

* Look for traffic lights, they are all labeled in red in the editor so it makes finding em kinda hard but if you look you can see em... Not all intersections have lights, so note that, only lights are what you're tampering with.

* Left click on the traffic pole it's self and on the bottom menubar you will see "properties" this will open the object properties interface:
it will read as follows:
traffic_2_2_1 or something similar....
* We need to change only the last number within the string, leave everything else as it was...
click on the object name bar you will get a cursor, backspace out the last number which for the example was 1 it might be 2 I can't remember the default number, then type in a 4 so that it reads as follows:

* Press OK then move onto the other lights that make up the intersection ensuring all of them have 4 as the last number in the sequence DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER PART OF THE NAME!

* Once you've done this to the whole map in question, simply on the top menu click Map and select save map from the menu and press OK, overwrite the exiting map and exit the editor.

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3 Re: Semáforos não funcionam corretamente on Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:27 pm


3rd Class Firefighter
3rd Class Firefighter

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